I am fully persuaded, by the testimony, works and sacrifice
	of my Lord Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Prophets and Saints,
	and by the revelation of Truth as given to me by the Holy Spirit;
	That God-is-LOVE and His Love in us, is the Light of humankind.
	And that True Love (The Blood of Christ), is the Life of the spirit in us.
	For God is Spirit and True Love proceeds from Him.

	That the Body of Christ is not seen by the eyes of flesh
	but by the Holy Spirit of God and to whom He reveals it.
	That Faith comes by the word of Truth as delivered to us,
	thru Jesus Christ and is not blind.
	That if we abide in Him, He abides in us,
	And that by True Love, guides us, revealing the Truth in all things
	as we have need, even Himself.

	I swear that:
	All that I have written here is True
	And that it came to me from the Father,
	and is not of Man.

				William Godinho

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