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Welcome to God in You, where the Love of God prevails! ----------------------- Have any forgotten what was taught from the beginning; the simplicity which is in Christ... The love of God... the love of the truth? ---- Was it ever even taught in our time? ---- Did any not receive it? ---------------------------------------------- "Read and understand what the Spirit says!" ------------------------------------------------------------ There are many who believe and teach a great deception... leading astray!         When will faith turn toward Christ in you; that you should learn and understand the truth... the things of God?             "What is the Love of God in you... closer than any brother?" ---------------------------------------------------- Don't you know that you are the Temple of God, Made by the hands of God? ---- You are in fact His Children... and the love in you is of God... Christ in you; the image and likeness of God, the hope of glory! ---- The same Spirit was given to Adam when God breathed into his nostriles the breath of life.                             Abiding in the Spirit (the Love of God that is in you, 1st John-4:9), study the scriptures, and know the truth there by faith in Him who is in you...                             And if something you read there does not sit well in you... seemingly wrong or misleading; mysterious... by faith, in prayer... inquire of Him our Father and search the word of God there ---- Seek the truth with all your heart, mind and soul!                             And by the leading of the Holy Spirit (Have you faith?)... You may find you were right to do so.                Then you will know that it is the Holy Spirit who guides you again and again and again... towards the renewing of your mind in truth... rather than the lies of this world, to which we've become so accustomed.              For which is greater... the witness of men or the witness of God?              Be wise... Seek the witness of God before you speak the things of God. For in this... all will be judged.                                                                                     Above all... Have faith and trust in the love of God that is in you... Christ reveals himself there... His sheep know His voice, they will hear no other... And remember... It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness!                                                     May the "Love of God In You" guide you and His Truth be your Anchor...now and forever... in Christ                      Pray for it!                      Pray for it!                      Pray for it!                                                    And may you, by your faith abide in the Love of God that is in you... in all that you say and do, in every thought and in every work and word.......                      And may you know the one and only True Faith... which was delivered to us through Jesus Christ and was never blind...... the simplicity of the Way in Christ which leads to True Salvation ....... the Life of the Redeemed.                     And may you know the only true God...the Foundation of all life and what is the Hope of Glory in you.                      And may you know what it is to be free in Christ.......                      Love is... The Life and Light of the redeemed.                                                     PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THE READING ROOM



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